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Cookie policy

How to control and delete cookies

Hiscoxbroker.co.uk will not use cookies to collect personal information about you. To limit or block the cookies which are set by Hiscoxbroker.co.uk, you can amend your browser’s privacy settings. The Help function within your web browser will explain how this is done.

Visit www.aboutcookies.org to find out how to limit or block cookies on an array of different browsers. There are details on how to delete cookies as well as general information about them. For information on how to do this on your mobile phone you will need to refer to the manufacturer’s guide.


List of the main Hiscoxbroker.co.uk cookies

Below is a list of the cookies being set by the hiscoxbroker.co.uk website.


Cookie name



These are used by hiscoxbroker.co.uk to identify you as a user between page loads. These cookies are destroyed each time you close your browser.


This identifies entities that are not authenticated when authorisation is required.


Third party cookies on Hiscoxbroker.co.uk


The Hiscoxbroker.co.uk website uses a number of suppliers who set cookies on its behalf in order to deliver various services. Listed below is information about the cookies used, as well as information on how to opt-out.


Cookie name


Celebrus technologies

Celebrus technology collects session information and delivers complete, real-time data on a Hiscoxbroker visitor’s behaviour, environment and experience.

How to reject or delete this cookie

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracking uses cookies in order to provide meaningful reports about site visitors. Google Analytics cookies do not collect personal data about Hiscoxbroker.co.uk visitors.

How to reject or delete this cookie